Casey Neistat Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts In 2020

NET WORTH:16$ Million
Earning Source:Youtuber
Date Of Birth:March 25, 1981
Birth Place:Gales Ferry, Connecticut, United States
Wife:Candice Pool
Height:1.75 m
Last Updated:2020

Casey Neistat Net Worth:

Casey Neistat Net Worth Is 16$ Million As Of 2020.

A guy with exceptional qualities is referred to be as a hero. One of the most influential figures of modern time is Casey Neistat. Casey Neistat is a multi-dimensional and multi-talented figure of the modern age. Neistat has a highly reputed Youtube personality, filmmaker, and vlogger. He is also a co-founder of the multimedia company “Beme.

He has earned a name in all his concerned fields. His records of early life are found a bit miserable. He suffered a lot of issues in academic as well as domestic life. He belonged to a Jewish family. Casey Neistat’s net worth is $16 Million. This makes him one of the most highest-earning YouTuber.

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat Early Life and Career

Casey Neistat was born on 25 March 1981 in America. He was struck off from school at the age of 17. He did not continue his studies again. Neistat has left his house and lived in “Trailer park” with his girlfriend, Robin Horris.

On 29 December 2013, he married Pool according to their Jewish laws. Casey faced many conflicts, troubles, and ups and downs in life. But he never gave up the struggle. He kept on working and won the race of life.
“Failure is the key to success.” And he had proved it. He polished and unlocked his potentials in gloomy days of life.

His career

He started his career from a dishwasher. He uploaded his first video of three minutes on youtube about the “Emergency brake cord” in New York titled. “When and when not.”After that, he uploaded his next video. With six minutes duration on 23 February 2010.
Next, he started” vlog” to be the best forum for promoting views.

He started a vlog on 26 March 2015 for the first time. In this way, he paved his way to success. As concerning his income. He was running “Beme” later. He sold this company to CNN and started working with CNN.

It is also said that he has a share in Samsung and many other brands. He also gets income through his channel. In 2003 he released a vlog “iPod’s Dirty Secret.” It was criticism on APPLE for not providing battery replacement on iPod. He published about 900 vlogs in late 2018.

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat Wife and Family

He had a small family with a wife named Candice Pool. And three children, including two daughters (Georgie Neistat, Francine Neistat). And only son ( Owen Neistat).

Casey Neistat Height and Age

A handsome guy with sharp facial features looks attractive. He has an impressive personality. Some took him ugly in the videos. But later they have changed their views. In a short period only at the age of 38. Casey has proved himself a hero of his time. He is an innovative figure with a height of 1.75m. He brought innovation in his life with heroic spirits.

Casey Neistat Social Media Accounts

He has become the most influential figure of the time with social media. There are round about 11.9 million subscribers of his channel.

As now, he thinks social media is just a wastage of time and losing health. So he is not using social media regularly.

He has been quite active on twitter. Hence it has almost 2M followers. Which is quite a huge number for a YouTuber?

His Twitter Link:

Casey also loves to be on Instagram. According to him, Instagram is the most active platform these days. He got to have 3.3 Million followers on his Instagram.

His Instagram Link:

Casey Neistat Earnings Sources

Casey acclaims not to monetize his channel. After selling his company Beme to CNN, he started to work with CNN. It is also said that he has shared in many brands like Samsung. In addition to youtube and vlog, he earned money as a public speaker. He used to talk to the public by selling ventures.

Casey With His Fan

Casey Neistat Lifestyle And Houses

He is leading a prestigious and splendid life. A beautiful, modern, and perfect home in Venice looks ideal to the reputed figure. It is a lovely house with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen with glasswork and a pool.

His lifestyle looks perfectly ideal. He was one of the wealthiest YouTubers. Casey is a constant of luxury. He lives a luxurious life with all the comforts of life. He has adopted a highly upgraded style of living. Casey resides in a luxurious house of $5.5 million apartments. It has a gym and a parking area in a beautiful surrounding.

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Casey Neistat Subscribers

Being one of the most famous personalities of youtube and vlogger as well as a filmmaker, it becomes essential to have social media contacts. Therefore, he used to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But with time, he supposed social media to be harmful to health. He took it wastage of time. According to Casey, social media affects the creative ability of man.

Casey Neistat Next Project

After the failure of Beme, Casey Neistat set up a new project “368” named after the location of the company in New York. It was set up to help out content creators, making it convenient to release joint projects and earning money.


No doubt, he has won the race of success. He is one of the most vibrant, most famous, and most influential personalities of youtube. He earned his wealth through his struggle and devotion. Casey Neistat net worth has reached $ 16 million.


Q: What Is The Net Worth Of Casey Neistat?

Ans: His Net Worth Has Reached 16$ Million.

Q: How Old Is Casey Neistat?

Ans: Casey Neistat Is 39 Years Old.

Q: Is Casey Neistat Married?

Ans: Yes, Casey Neistat Is Married To Candice Pool

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