Will Ferrell Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts In 2020

NET WORTH:$100 million
Earning Source:Actor And Comedian
Date Of Birth:July 16, 1967
Birth Place:Irvine, California, United States
Wife:Viveca Paulin
Height:1.91 m
Last Updated:2020

Will Ferrell Net Worth:

Will Ferrell Net Worth is estimated at $100 million as of 2020. Remember Will Ferrell as the funny guy from Saturday night live? Or did you become a fan after watching The anchorman? Will Ferrell is easily one of the funniest guys in Hollywood. So what does this funny guy take to keep us folks laughing? Well, you wouldn’t believe it If we told you.

Will Ferrell makes $20 million, that’s right and that too in just one year. That’s right, Will isn’t just the king of comedy, he’s also filthy rich!

Whether you remember Will Ferrell from his tv days on the office and SNL or you became a fan after hit films like Step Brothers, you can’t deny that he has made you laugh uncontrollably.

So let’s dig into the life of this superstar more closely and uncover secrets you may not have known about the actor.

Will Ferrel Net Worth

Will Ferrell Early Life And Career

Will Ferrell was always a comedian at heart, even as a child he romanticized comedy. So much so that he also used comedy as a coping mechanism for his parent’s divorce.

At the tender age of eight, Will’s parent, Betty, a waitress, and Roy, a musician, parted ways. You would think that this would have a very negative impact on a child. However, Will managed to make jokes out of it. Even in his school days, he was always the funny kid making everyone’s day brighter.

Will Farrel has a Bachelor of Art in sports information but found the job in sports broadcasting too dull for his antics. So, working his way through odd, low paying jobs, Will finally made it big. This break happened when he moved to L.A. In L.A., the city of angels Will started doing stand-up comedy. Will Ferrell claims that his mother encouraged him to do something he loves. Will has always been in love with doing impressions and character comedy, so that is what he pursued.


You must be wondering, how did Will Ferrell net worth become $100 million. The actor did a lot of hard work that makes his net worth at a huge 100$ Million. Let’s go over a quick review of the actor’s phenomenal career.

Will Ferrell’s Hollywood adventure started with SNL, which he hosted for five years. While in SNL, Will Ferrell did many funny sketches and impressions. He even mimicked then-president George Bush for making people laugh.

Will Ferrell’s first movie role was in the movie ‘Old School, ‘ which came out in 2003. Not only was the movie big success with critics, but they also raved that Farell had won hearts with his wits.

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Will Ferrell Film

Famous Movies: The Hits And Misses

Even though all Will Ferrell films are fantastic, here are a few that stand out.

1- Anchorman 1 & 2

The Anchorman movies made Will into a global Superstar. Now, you are wondering how?. Well, the total collection from Anchorman 1 & 2 has reportedly been over $250 million. So, there’s no surprise why Will Ferrell has a huge net worth of 100$ Million when he stars in these type of movies.

This is a great film that presented the lives of anchormen in a humorous and satirical light. Even though Will had done movies before and after anchorman, this is still said to be his most loved performance by fans.

2- Land Of The Lost

If you love time travel, science fiction, and a dear old laugh, then this is just the movie for you. Although, this film was a box office failure and did not do well with critics. It is still a funny film that you can enjoy with your family on a boring weekend.

 3- Step Brother

Stepbrothers is an unlikely comedy about two 40-year old brothers. Nevertheless, it is a fan favorite. As it has music from guns and roses and a script that will give you stomach ache from laughing too much. Undoubtedly, this film is one of the funniest ever made.

4-The Other Guys

The Other Guys is a blockbuster Will Ferrell film that earned $170 million on the box office. It is about two unlikely partners that team up nevertheless and solve a big case.

Apart from Will Ferrell, The Other guys also feature heartthrob, Mark Wallberg.

5- Zoolander

In Zoolander, Will Ferrell played the role of a villain. It goes without saying that no villain has ever been as ridiculously funny as him. Will’s portrayal in the film was so good that the movie became a cult classic for fans around the world.


Apart from SNL, Will Ferrell has also been infamous shows like the office and East Bound & Down.

His other Tv appearances include:

  • Living Single
  • 30 rock
  • Grace under fire
  • The very best of Will Ferrell
  • Man vs. Wild

Step Brothers

Will Ferrell Wife and Family

Will Ferrell has three children, Magnus, Paulin, and Mattias, with his wife. The actor met his beautiful wife, Viveca, when she and Will took acting classes together. After dating for five years of dating, Will and Viveca got married In 2000.

Now, this beautiful family with there $7.8 million bird collection live in New York City. Will Ferrell has had a very successful career, so it is no surprise at all that his net worth is $100 million in 2020

Will Ferrell Height and Age

He looks unusually tall, so I am sure you must be wondering what the actor’s height is? Well, he is 6 ft and 2 inches tall.

Since the actor was born in July of 1967, he is currently 52 years old. Despite his age, he is still as good looking as he was when he first started.

Will Ferrell Awards and Achievements

Will happens to be one of those versatile actors that can do any form of comedy. Whether it be stand-up, satirical, or even deadpan. So, it comes to us as no surprise that Will Ferrell has won and been nominated for various accolades.

Here’s a quick summary of his nominations and awards


  • In 2006 he was nominated for a Golden Globe award for his work on The producers
  • In 2007 he was nominated for a Globe for Stranger than fiction
  • From 2003 to 2005 he was nominated for MTV Movie Awards
  • From 2001 to 2018 he was nominated four times for an Emmy Award
  • In 2006 he was nominated for a Saturn Award


  • Won a primetime Emmy Award In 2019
  • Won Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2011
  • Was named comedian of the year in 2015 by G.Q.

Will Ferrell Other Earning Sources

Will Ferrell is not just a successful actor but also a producer, writer, and businessman. In addition to having written ‘Poems in oil and other verses,’ he has a website titled ‘funny or die’ as well.

He also the owner of a production company called ‘Gary Sanchez Productions.’ His company has produced films like stepbrother and other guys. So, this is how he has made his fortune.

Will Ferrell Lifestyle

Will Ferrell Social Media Accounts

Will Ferrell does not have any Twitter or Instagram accounts. Although he has a lot of fan-made statements that regularly make funny tweets. He used to have a Facebook account, which he deactivated in 2018.

Will Ferrell Lifestyle

Despite being a celebrity, Will Ferrell leads a relatively humble lifestyle. He owns several small houses on the West coast. On the other hand, his most lavish home is his L.A. mansion. The beautiful home even has a pool, play yard, and is 4000 square feet. Despite having a massive net worth, Will Ferrell still prefers to have a humble and simple life.

Will Ferrell Charity

Will Ferrell own a brand of sunblock that donates all its earnings to charity. He also endorses the following:

  • Cancer for college
  • Afghanistan Relief Organisation
  • Stand up to cancer
  • Bid to Beat Aids

Will Ferrell Controversy and Scandals

Unlike a lot of celebrities, Will Ferrell has a pretty clean record. He has not been part of a cheating or fraud scandal ever in his career. In spite of this, he remains popular in the news. However, this purely due to his films and other works.

Despite mimicking politicians and famous people, Will Ferrell stays clean of any controversy.

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Interesting Facts About Will Ferrell

Just when you think you know all about Will Ferrell, you will be surprised to know that there is still a lot to find out.

That is right, did you know that Will owns the Los Angeles football club? Or that he plays basketball. In addition to playing basketball will has even played for the San Fransisco Giants.

The actor loves to cook, and his favourite cuisine is Thai food, bet you did not know that. Once in an interview, Will was asked what his dream role would be. Will answered that he would like to play American Idol judge, Simon Cowell.

Will Ferrell


So, there you have it folks, a complete story on Will Ferrell. The king of modern television and film comedy. An actor who is both creative and talented with multiple awards and hit films.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Will Ferrell net worth and his extraordinary life. Let us know below in the comments what other celebrities you would like to learn about next.


Q: What Is The Net Worth Of Will Ferrell?

Ans: His Net Worth Stands At Huge 100$ Million.

Q: How Old Is Will Ferrell?

Ans: Will Ferrell Is 52 Years Old.

Q: How Much Does Will Ferrell Make A Year?

Ans: Will Ferrell makes $20 million, that’s right and that too in just one year. That’s right, Will isn’t just the king of comedy, he’s also filthy rich!

Q: Who Will Ferrell Is Married To?

Ans: Will Ferrell Is Married To Viveca Paulin.

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