Steve Harvey Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts In 2020

Net Worth:200$ Million
Earning Source:
Comedian And Host
Date Of Birth:January 17, 1957
Birth Place:Welch, West Virginia, United States
Wife:Marjorie Elaine Harvey
Height:1.85 m
Last Updated: 2020

Steve Harvey Net Worth

Steve Harvey, very well known and popular personality all around the world. He is famous because of his comedy skills. He is an American comedian, businessman, and entertainer. But the only profession that has made him so much popular among the public was his comedy skills. Apart from being a comedian, he is also an actor and a producer as well. The net worth of Steve Harvey estimated at 200 Million as of 2020. He has become one of the famous actors and hosts of the world over these past few years.

He has also written many books on relationship advice. Back then, in 2009, he became the author of the best selling books that were related to the relationship advice, especially for women. He stepped out of that for the first time in his life.

He has been serving bluntly on the relationship advice is for women that all men are dogs and so that women should better treat them the same way. In his radio show, growing out of the segment, he gave such blunt advice to all those women who called him and were frustrated.

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Steve Harvey Net Worth

Steve Harvey Early Life And Career

Steve Harvey was born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia. His father’s name was Jessey Harvey, and his mother’s name was Eloise. Steve was the youngest among all his five siblings. His father passed away as he was suffering from lung cancer back then in 2000.

Steve moved to Cleveland with his family, where he continued his studies. In 1985, Steve got a chance to work as a stand-up comedian. After he performed there a few years in small clubs, Steve finally made his way to the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search in 1989.

This was the point where his career took off. He started hosting many shows which went successful throughout the years of his career. His one of the most famous and successful show was Steve Harvey is a syndicated daytime talk show that ran for five seasons from September 4, 2012, to July 13, 2017, with a total of 920 episodes during its run.

Steve Harvey Kids

Steve Harvey Wife And Family

Steve married Marjorie in 2007. However, both of them knew each other for so long. Steve and Marjorie have been dating since their early 1990s. Both of them knew that they would end with each other nut in the meantime. Steve married another girl and had a child.

Later on, both of them agreed to divorce, and steve started dating Marjorie again in 2005. They both were married to each other in 2007 and have seven kids together now. Along with those seven children, steve and Marjorie are the proud grandparents as well with five grandchildren.

Though Steve and his wife went through many uncountable controversies this whole time, none of them believed in it. After some false accusations and rumors, steve claimed that he is getting sick of all these allegations. Once, there was a rumor that the couple will separate from each other for 400M Dollars bombshell, later after this, Steve said to his wife on the comedy show jokingly that “Do we have $400 Million? Nah right? ”

We consider Marjorie as the most respectable woman among the whole fashion industry because co of the fact that she is a fashion designer. She runs many fashion blogs, including “The Lady Loves Couture,” “Marjorie Harvey’s Closet,” and “Marjorie Harvey’s Handbags.”

Hence, he has proved himself as the best husband and a grandfather who knows his responsiblities and is able to take care of his family giving them a luxurious life. His children and grandchildren are leading a successful life because of him.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey

Steve Harvey Height And Age

Esteve was born on January 17, 1957, so his age as of now is 63 years r and his height 6 FT 2 Inches or 188 cm. There are many things in him physically or in appearance that makes him unique from other famous personalities. He is bald and has a mustache. His body seems quite sturdy, and he weighs 104 kg.

He has worked hard for the success. Since he was 13, he started working in different professions. Success didn’t come to steve Harvey that much easier. He has worked hard day and to reach up to that point. There was also a point where he slept in his car the whole night.

Steve Harvey Social Media Accounts

Steve Harvey is a famous personality and being a widely known person all over the world, is leading all social media accounts with millions of followers. He has a statement on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages also. His username on Instagram is @iamsteveharveytv, and on twitter it is iamsteveharvey

In these accounts, he shares his daily routine with his fans, tweets in support of people, and creates awareness among the people. Steve Harvey has almost 5.8 Million followers on Instagram, following his activities daily. He posts about his upcoming debut shows or movies etc. His wife, Marjorie, is also a remarkable personality in the fashion industry and runs her insta account in which she always mentions her husband and children along with their grandchildren.

Steve Harvey Earning Sources

Steve Harvey has been working very hard for a very long time. He has stepped out in the comedy field and has earned his name there. People have massive respect in their hearts for steve being such a fantastic comedian. Apart from being a comedian, he has also tried on radio shows and wrote books also.

His books were related to the relationship advice for women, primarily. Since 2010, Steve has become the face of Family Feud. Steve has also launched his talk show and rebranded it in 2017. He has also hosted several Miss Universe pageants.

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The Show

Steve Harvey Earning Per Episode

As we all are very well aware of the fact that Steve Harvey is hosting the popular show called Family Feud, which is one of the most famous game shows. Approximately, 3 Million people watch his show. He gets his pay almost $14.5 million every year just for the hosting of the most popular show. Steve Harvey has a massive net worth of 200$ Million.

Steve Harvey Lifestyle And House

Steve Harvey is a stand-up comedian, host, and a former writer also, which means that his earnings are more than the typical earnings of any commentator. He lives a quiet, luxurious life being a popular personality world wide. Steve Harvey lives in a lavish mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. There are also some reports that Steve Harvey owns some real estate. He also holds a house in California, Chicago, and Texas.

Steve Harvey has earned his name in the world of comedy, being a producer, an author who writes primarily on the relationship advice, He runs a successful game show now. His recent game show drags around 3 Million viewers per episode, making his game shoe the most successful among others.

Steve Harvey House

Steve Harvey Famous Shows Episode:

  • Celebrity Family Feud
  • 63 EPISODES (2015-2020)
  • Family Feud
  • 2050 EPISODES (2010-2020)
  • Placeholder
  • Steve
  • 359 EPISODES (2017-2019)
  • Placeholder
  • 2019 Miss Universe®
  • 1 EPISODE (2019)
  • Placeholder
  • Showtime at the Apollo
  • 12 EPISODES (2018-2018)
  • Placeholder
  • Miss Universe Competition
  • 1 EPISODE (2018)
  • Placeholder

Steve Harvey Controversy

He is facing numerous controversies as a comedian and a famous remarkable personality. One of the most renowned discussions he faced was that the divorce between Steve and his wife. They were leading a happy and satisfied life, but many issues were related to his personal life.

Another most significant controversy began when he hosted the Miss world show back then in 2019, which aired on Fox Sunday Night. The main issue arose at the point when he was hosting the biggest show of the year, and he mistook the name of the winner. Along with the name of the winner he used from Malaysia, however, she was from the Philippines. Later on, he went on the stage again and apologized for it.


Steve is considered one of the great authors, along with being the comedian and a host as well. He has won the awards of “Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program,” “Humanitarian Award,” “Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host,” and “Outstanding game show host.”

In a nutshell, Steve made his name in the field of hosting as a producer and a stand-up comedy as well leads a luxurious happy life with his family. By today, Steve Harvey net worth is at $200 Millions and everyone knows him as a big personality and as a remarkable star who has initiated his career from the very early stage of his life.


Q: What Is The Net Worth Of Steve Harvey?

Ans: His Net Worth Is 200$ Million As Of 2020

Q: How Much Does Steve Harvey Make Per Show?

Ans: As we all are very well aware of the fact that Steve Harvey is hosting the popular show called Family Feud, which is one of the most famous game shows. Approximately, 3 Million people watch his show. He gets his pay almost $14.5 million every year just for the hosting of the most popular show.

Q: How Old Is Steve Harvey?

Ans: Steve Harvey Is 63 Years Old.

Q: Who Steve Harvey Is Married To?

Ans: Steve Harvey Is Currently Married To Marjorie Elaine Harvey

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