Magic Johnson Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts

NET WORTH:$600 Million
Earning Source:Basketball Player
Date Of Birth:August 14, 1959
Birth Place:Lansing, Michigan, United States
Wife:Cookie Johnson
Height:2.06 m
Last Updated:2020

Magic Johnson Net Worth:

Magic Johnson, the professional and incredible athletes, is the most heard name in the athlete’s industry. A fantastic Basketball player of all time.  He has never missed any chance to impress his fans being the best Basketball player and former president of basketball operations of the Los Angeles Lakers National Basketball Association ( NBA). Made his name thoroughly and is standing at the peak of the stardom. Magic Johnson Net worth is estimated $600 Million!

Yes, you heard it right. He is one of the most professional basketballers, he has made it a name, fame, and whatever you call. Though he has made the business and earnings through Business investment and that’s why he is at this point in a stage where Magic Johnson Net worth is almost $600 Million. Which is of no joke?.

If we talk about Magic Johnson, we can’t forget the day when he was declared by the court to be the most professional Basketball player for 13 long years.

Another story that he got retired from the position because of reports saying the signs of HIV positive in Los Angeles in 1991. Though the virus was severe and the other could get affected. But his hopes were high, because of his fans calling him, again and again. He returned in 1996 for one Final Season of Basketball to play all his heart out!

Magic Johnson Net Worth

Magic Johnson Early Life and Career:

The early life of Magic Johnson has always been simple and sports passionately. Whether it’s about being the best of all of his siblings or being one of the kindest children. He has made it all throughout his life passionately. Magic Johnson was born on August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan.

What a great country we must say as many more sports athletes are from the same country. This country has some charm in it. Johnson’s father is a retired person who uses t work at the General Motors Plant In town. Magic Johnson’s Mother has worked as a school custodian. Johnson comes from an extensive family, he has 9 Brothers and Sisters, and he was the middle man. 

He grew up with passion and kindness. Johnson was the most loving kid among all of his siblings. Uses to be a passionate sportsperson. He was as excited as anything as he could wakeup at 7:30 am for practicing basketball. He earned his Name “Magic” through his school mates who use to call him magic. 

Johnson was named magic by his sportswriter because of the extreme talent of the making of 36 Points. 16 Rebounds and 16 assists in just a single game, and that surely was magical. Since then, it’s our Magic Johnson and will be forever.

Magic Johnson was amazingly tall 6 feet 9 inches. Magic Johnson was a charm in the early college days at Michigan State University. He always stunts us by making the excellent point guard ever. Johnson has impressed us throughout his current year, and that has made him got the Big Ten Conference Title. This was the starting of his career towards where is he standing and got the Magic Johnson Net worth almost crossing at $690 Million.

basket player pic

In the next following years, he made his marks in the Spartans to the NCCA Finals by giving the best shots and building to the Indiana State Sycamores.

The first time on his debut, he was so excited and was so sure of making it a victory, and yes, he did it. It was undoubtedly the startup for the Victory that Johnsons is going to get at the beginning of his career.

He then made his way after two years of college to NBA in Los Angeles Lakers in 1979. He was as amazing as he was back then in college.

And made everyone proud by scoring one of the most amazing points in his first season. ( 1979- 1980) with the whole team of 18 points . 7.7 rebounds and 7.3 per assisting game. This number has been a massive game-changer for Magic Johnson.

He made it sure to rank one of the best points over all the 13 years of his career.

Magic Johnson on a event

Magic Johnson Wife and Family

Johnson’s family is equally amazing sporting and well mannered. Magic john’s sons have been married to Cookie Johnson, on September 14, 1991. He is married to his love of life. He told her about his HIV diagnosis just 45 days ago before his marriage. And she fell to her knees but never failed to love back to her. They are madly in love with each other and have two kids together. Elisa Johnson, his loving daughter, EJ Jobson, and Andre Johnson.

Wife and family

Magic Johnson Height and Age 

Johnson has always made his way stronger than anyways to make his style more reliable than anyone. His height has helped him allot throughout the basketball sessions. And made an item equally support system to make the best possible benefit of having the best of the height. 

Magic Johnson’s age is 60 years. 

Johnson’s height is 2.06 M.

His weight is almost to 99.8 kegs.

He has always been praised for the perfect height with the fittest weight to make it equally important to get a healthy lifestyle overall.

Magic Johnson height

Magic Johnson Social Media Accounts  

Magic Johnson is a sports athlete who is equally passionate still. And even the new generation loves him as much as he was loved before. Nonetheless, Johnson deserves to be at this point and is now by the new generation.

Magic Johnson was a great player even before when he was retired. And we all have loved him so much that we can’t forget the things that he had made to his way. His battle toward HIV has been an inspiration for all of us. HIV isn’t something that we can neglect. And that’s why the new generations fall for him. Because he still is as passionate about basketball as he was. 

Social media presence

Johnson’s Instagram:

Johnson’s Integra has over 2.3 Million followers. This is only because of the passion and dedication towards basketball, the old or new generation every one falls for it.


Johnson Twitter:

Johnson is quite active on Twitter as compared to other social media channels. Here he has a following of 4.9 Million followers.


Johnson’s Face book:

He also has a Facebook page that manages by his team. His Facebook page has almost 3 Million followers.


Magic Johnson Earning Sources 

Magic Johnson has made his way so long and has better habits. Though he has already received through NBA Champion. That has made it gained through five times championships that equal to $100 million.

Also, Johnson has made investments through different investment opportunities like star bucks. Johnsons has a partnership with star bucks and has made more than 105-star bucks franchise. His 4.5% stake in the Lose Angeles Lakers. 

Johnson has been earning through the continuous involvement in sports ownership of NBA Los Angeles Spark. Magic Johnson’s net worth now is equal to almost $600 Millions.

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Magic Johnson Net Worth

Magic Johnson LifeStyle, Houses

Johnson’s Lifestyle isn’t very much typical like other celebrities. He does own few things, but not as much like we aren’t able to count. After his HIV Positive Result. Johnson is entirely changing towards earning something that wouldn’t help you in your bad times. I am the reason that has made him a new Person.

He owns a foundation that supports people to prevent HIV and AIDS. This foundation primarily helps people towards the people for the awareness of HIV and AIDS. It also helps people avoid it through medication, tests, and other necessary things.

If we talk about the house and luxury that Johnson Owns, then yes. He has a big Mansion at Beverly Hills. Exotic Big mansion, other than that as is hugely passionate about the cars. Yet owns a few of them. Such as Ferrari and BMW, he does have a vast collection of vehicles that we can’t deny.

Other than that, if we talk about the Monthly or Yearly Earnings of Johnson is approx $22 Million Annually. That he gets through the shares with Dodgers and Lakers as he was a part of it, so he does get the Salary after retirement as well.

Magic Johnson with a fan

Magic Johnson Net Worth:

As we have already discussed the things he owns. Including the car collection and everything. His net worth is almost crossing over to $600 Million!.

Through his career towards basketball, passion, and with the work with Lakers. He has made himself a net worth more than $600 Millions.

Magic Johnson with a fan

Magic Johnson Medals

Johnson has made his name and has earned almost everything a Basketball player or any player could dream of. Johnson has won millions of hearts and has accomplished NBA MVP Awards three times. He also has won the Most Valuable Players in the Basketball Journey.


Johnson was the best basketball player in 13 years of NBA Career before he even he was declared as having HIV. He made sure to play all his heart out. has made everyone loved his journey with awards, name, and fame.  He made sure to help others through his foundation, and this is undoubtedly commendable.


Q: What Is The Net Worth Of Magic Johnson?

Ans: He Has A Net Worth Of 600$ Million As Of 2020.

Q: How Much Is Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth?

Ans: Kob Bryant’s Net Worth Is 600$ Million As of 2020.

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