Kevin Hart Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts In 2020

NET WORTH:200$ Million
Earning Source:Actor And Comedian
Date Of Birth:July 6, 1979
Birth Place:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Wife:Eniko Parrish
Height:1.63 m
Last Updated:2020

Kevin Hart Net Worth:

Kevin Hart Net Worth Is 200$ Million As Of 2020

Hart’s Early Life And Career

In the city of Pennsylvania, a baby boy born named hart in July 1979. He grew up by a single parent (mother). Kevin got such great humor and this helped him to cope with his family problems in a bad time. He moved to New York to briefly attend the Community College of Philadelphia after completing his graduation from George Washington high school than he started to work as a shoe salesman when he moved on to Brockton. He performed as stand up comedian at an amateur night club in Philadelphia, later on, he persuaded this as a career after got success.

Kevin Hart Net Worth


With a slow start, his career wasn’t good. His first gig named Lil Kev in Philadelphia didn’t go well. He suffered a lot at the beginning of his career. Many times he forced to leave the stage and even pieces of chicken also thrown on him while performing which made him very embarrassed. He survived many unsuccessful shows but didn’t give up and started to take part in comedy competitions and eventually his performance was getting improved day by day.


Best Films Of His Life Life

  • Ride Along
  • Get Hard
  • Ride Along 2
  • Welcome To The Jungle 2
  • Night School
  • Wedding Ringer
  • Death At A Funeral
  • This Is The End

Some Stand Up Of Kevin Hart

By his act named “I am a grown little man,” he began his journey as a comedian in 2009 but he took much time to make his own specific identity as a comedian. At the Philadelphia’s Lincoln financial field his featuring film theatrically released on October 14, 2016, in the united states in which he performed by himself as stand up comedian.

David Beckham

  • 1. Seriously Funny, 2010
  • 2. Laugh At My Pain, 2011
  • 3. Let Me Explain, 2013
  • 4. What’s Now? 2015
  • 5. The Irresponsible Tour, 2017

His Best-Earning Projects

Laugh at my pain and let me explain were released as a feature film and by this, he was earned $15 million for laugh at my pain. In 2015-2016 his last stand up tour was “what now” and “The irresponsible tour” which is currently running.


How Many Tickets For His Show Cost?

For single show and at the Plain seats the ticket costs $67.50 and if you want to sit on luxury and closer seat in the front row it will cost $500+

Kevin Hart’s Family

Hart became younger under so much surviving environment. He has on elder brother Robert. His mother got separation from hart’s father because his father was a drug addict. After a letter got from the rehabilitation center of recovery of his father, his relationship with his father became improved. But he never forgets to talk about his mother as well in his stand up routine and depict his mother as a loving and caring woman but overawe woman.

Kevin Hart Family

Love Life.

First Wife (Torrie)

Hart filed a divorce from his first wife Torrie in February 2010 because of incongruous thoughts and asked for joint custody of his two children. In November, after trials, their marriage was over.

Second Wife (Eniko Parrish)

His second wife is Eniko Parrish which is a model. Hart proposed her on August 18, 2014, then they got married in 2016 in California. He has a son from Eniko. Hart was cheating his second wife and he admitted this after than on December 15, 2017. This marriage is still running

Kevin Hart’s Social Media Accounts

As a well-known comedian, hart has different social media handles with an extreme quantity of followers. His Instagram account @kevinhart4real having 85.4m followers and 6595 posts. His Twitter handle is @kevinhart4real with 36.1m followers and 557 followings. And on Facebook, he is with name Kevin hart having 23589423 likes and 610429 engagements. He is well famed and most searched personality on social media

How Old Is Kevin?

own the zodiac sign Cancer which is associated with the crab Kevin was born on July 6, 1979. According to the sources, he is ambitious, moody emotional but stable too.

Kevin Hart Height

He was a man of 5 foot 4 inches

Kevin Hart’s Cars

Hart’s is the richest comedian in America. He Owns 19 different and most worthy cars which are expansive and rare too. He doesn’t have the only taste of luxurious and exotic cars, on the other side, he also has a great taste of vintage cars too.

Some Of The Cars Are:

  • 1. Mercedes – Benz SLS AMG Black edition
  • 2. Ferrari 488 GTB spider by
    Pontiac GTO
  • 4. Jerry’s Porsche 550 spyder
  • 5. David Beckham Jaguar D-type
  • XJ
  • 7. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
  • 8. Ferrari FF

Kevin Hart’s Houses *Current (Calabasas)

Kevin currently living in Calabasas mention. According to multiple LLCs linking Kevin’s partner says that he spent $1 million on a plot of 26-acres in the exclusive gated community of Calabasas. He was also got the remaining 1-2 plots of the neighborhood after buying Calabasas land.

Building Permits

Kevin started the construction of the house in April 2017 on 9,623 square-foot double stories and it almost cost $ 2 million on just the main structure. IT was costed at almost $ 5 million. According to sources, Kevin’s Calabasas villa was inspired by Spanish culture.

*Former (Tarzana)

A few years back in April 2012, Kevin was living with his family in a lavish gated community of Tarzana(a breathtaking Valley) in the Los Angeles area. At that time he was bought that house cost him $ 1,000

That time the Tarzana community was renowned as the hottest residential area in Hollywood. Later on, he sold is house Tarzana in April 2019.

Overview Of Hart’s Successful Life

A 5-foot 4-inches great man, exceptional comedian and good actor earned $28.5 million from his largely grossing films “The wedding ringer” and “Get Hard”. After so much earning than what to do with that? That’s why Kevin invested these earnings in luxurious cars and exceptional houses.

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Want To Book Kevin Hart?

If you are planning for a gig and want to hire Kevin hart than you must have $100,000 per appearance.

How Much He Earned And Earning (Net Worth)

Hart has such a gigantic bank account. Kevin Hart net worth is between $150-$200 million according to sources as of 2020 which was just $59 million in the 2018-2019 period. He did admirable and hard work and this is the reason why he got so rich.


Kevin made many arenas tours around the world and through endorsement deals with Hyundai, foot locker and H&M he earned $84.5 million in 2016. Hart became the first massive earning comedian than Jerry Seinfeld who made $30 million.


According to Forbes, the Philadelphia born comedian made $32.5 million in 2017. The second-highest-paid actor of that year was Kevin hart. He played dynamic roles in blockbuster movies such as Jumanji, welcome to the jungle 2 and central intelligence


In an interview with Forbes, he said by started the partnership with NBA and mountain dew. ” I am not in a position in life where I need to go take a money grab”. His other big achievement “the irresponsible tour” bagged $30 through million of sold tickets. Hart listed the world’s highest-paid entertainer according to Forbes.


Contrary to his roughly estimated earning is $200 million in 2019. on the other hand Steve Harvey, Jerry Seinfeld, and Larry David, Kevin Hart is the richest comedian to date in the world.


Kevin Hart Net Worth Is 200$ Million As Of 2020


Q: How Much Money Does Kevin Hart Make A Year?

Ans: According to Forbes, the Philadelphia born comedian made $32.5 million in 2017. The second-highest-paid actor of that year was Kevin hart. He played dynamic roles in blockbuster movies such as Jumanji, welcome to the jungle 2 and central intelligence

Q: What Is The Net Worth Of Kevin Hart?

Ans: Kevin Hart Net Worth Is 200$ Million As Of 2020

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